• Brereton Jones (Former Governor of Kentucky and owner of Airdrie Stud, Inc., Midway, Kentucky) says,

    "Lawyer, legislator, racing official, horse owner - Bob Heleringer is uniquely qualified to write his excellent, only-one-of-its-kind equine law book for our racing industry. I highly recommend Equine Regulatory Law - every horseman should have a copy in her/his office ..." ( read more )

  • Bernie Hettel (Executive Secretary, Virginia Racing Commission) says,

    "From Gate to wire - "Equine Regulatory Law" is a Grade 1 Win. Well-written, scholarly, but entertaining, too. A must-have for every racing regulator ..." ( read more )

  • Scott Peine (Racing Secretary, Indiana Downs) says,

    "Having access to this book will give you an arsenal of tools that will help you prepare for a majority of unique legal situations that come up in the daily operations of a racetrack. I was fortunate enough to take Mr. Heleringer’s class while attending the University of Louisville and the knowledge I gained from the course is invaluable ..." ( read more )

  • Steve Zollner (Horse Racing Historian and Fan) says,

    "The author's background as a legislator, litigator, teacher, writer and racing official, coupled with a lively style well immersed in the vernacular of the turf, make this a must read for any serious fan of the sport. If you wish to discover how racing reached its current regulatory environment ..." ( read more )

  • Robin Webb (Hon. Robin Webb, KY State Senator and Equine Law Attorney; Grayson, KY.) says,

    "Equine Regulatory Law is an indispensable addition to every equine lawyer's arsenal. Don't go to the stewards' office, an administrative hearing, or to the courthouse without it ..." ( read more )

What Is It?

Equine Regulatory Law is a new legal textbook / history giving a very broad outline of this important subset of equine law. Six years in the making, Equine Regulatory Law fills a critical need in the thoughbred racing and harness racing sports... ( read more )

Who is it for?

If you are employed by, practice law in, teach about, are a fan of, or are in involved in any way with thoroughbred horse racing or harness racing, Equine Regulatory Law is definitely for you. This timely book, an important and much-needed... ( read more )

Why Read It?

The subject of equine regulatory law can be a complex and confusing sub-specialty of equine law. Whether you have a law degree or not, if you are in any way connected with the horse racing industry, Equine Regulatory Law can make a difference... ( read more )

Supplement Two is now Avaliable for Purchase Here

Latest News

University of Louisville's Brandeis School Equine Regulatory Law Course

Robert Heleringer is teaching this Fall at the University of Louisville's Brandeis School of Law a course in Equine Regulatory Law

Equine Regulatory Law Book places in Book-of-the-Year Award by the American Horse Publications

ERL awarded second-place in the 2012 Book-of-the-Year Award by the AHP at their convention in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Law Library ERL Book Offer

Bob Heleringer, author of Equine Regulatory Law sent letters to each US based law library offering the Equine Regulatory Law book to each of the national Law Libraries. If you require purchase ability for a tax-exempt organization please fill out the tax-exempt form to promptly gain access to purchase as a tax-exempt organization… ( buy tax exempt )

The stewards' stand, where equine regulatory law practice almost always begins

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