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Purchasers of Equine Regulatory Law receive a one-year free subscription for the annual supplement that will be compiled, edited, and published by Mr. Heleringer near the end of every calendar year beginning in 2012. The one free subscription is good for the calendar year in which the book (ERL) is purchased.

Subsequent optional annual subscriptions for succeeding years will be billed at a rate of $49.95 per year plus applicable shipping, handling, and tax charges (tax based on Kentucky State Sales Tax). Annual supplements will update the textbook and provide the subscriber with a timely rundown on new cases, trends, developments etc. in the ever-evolving field of equine regulatory law in the United States. New case law will correspond to the fields of law according to the chapter titles in Equine Regulatory Law. Mr. Heleringer will also provide his commentary and evaluations of these new decisions.

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