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Frank Muth

Frank Muth (1912-1988)

This website is dedicated to the legendary Kentucky racing official Frank Muth (1912-1988) who always said (among many other wise sayings) "Racing is a hard way to make an easy living".

The following article, written by the author or Equine Regulatory Law, first appeared in the April, 1977, edition of The Backstretch Magazine.

The Backstretch, ended publication in 2002, was sponsored by the United Thoroughbred Trainers of America out of Detroit, Michigan. It was published quarterly for $4.00 per year [$10 for a four year subscription].

Bob Heleringer was one of the magazine’s “feature writers” for about eight years (1973 – 1981). He was proud to work for such a dynamic magazine (winner of 2 Eclipse awards) and its remarkable editor, Ruth LeGrove.)

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