Equine Regulatory Law Book

by Bob L. Heleringer

Attorney, Horse Racing Official, State Legislator, Lecturer

Six Years in the Making

"Equine Regulatory Law" Book

Bob Heleringer has finally completed the indispensable book, "Equine Regulatory Law" for all those who work in or around the horse racing industry --- or who just follow the horse racing sport.

"Equine Regulatory Law" is the only book of its kind in the world of horse racing!

Scholarly, Informative, Up-To-Date on the Law . . . but also Entertaining! A great read!

SO DON'T GET SHUT OUT!! "Equine Regulatory Law" will be available at a book store or race track near you... and on this web site VERY SOON!

For more details or instructions on how to pre-order your copy of this important book, "Equine Regulatory Law", contact the author at robert.heleringer@equineregulatorylaw.com