Why Read the Equine Regulatory Law Book?

The subject of equine regulatory law can be a complex and confusing sub-specialty of equine law. Whether you have a law degree or not, if you are in any way connected with the horse racing industry, Equine Regulatory Law can make an enormous difference in successfully navigating through the insular world of horse racing's rather unique and, at times, confounding legal system.

Although written by a lawyer, Equine Regulatory Law is written in a smooth-flowing, easy to understand text that will give you a leg up on the person (or adversary) who is not as well-versed as you are in the legal principles discussed in this book. "Why use Equine Regulatory Law?" Why not use it?! And after you prevail in your case/dispute/hearing, you will be glad you availed yourself of this powerful and indispensable tool for defending your interests.